A ladder is equipment used to ease access of rooftops on buildings of rather relative reasonable height. It is mostly used in home setting during wall painting, roof repairs or during roof construction. The stock picking ladder cart are mostly used in industries.  It can also be found in other settings such as power companies, fire service and telephone companies. It is also likely to be found in mining quarries.

There are two existing types of ladders-

  • Rigid ladders

  • Flexible ladders

The two types of ladders can be classified in to three major classes. Color codes can be applied but not always; Class 3 for domestic and other light duties ·Class 2 for industrial light weight duties. This is mostly in stores, shops and supermarket stocking.·Class 1 is the highest in this order where these are heavy duty ladders used in complex industries, and departments.

The type of ladder material can be determined by; ,

  • Its intended use

When it comes to determining the type of ladder to acquire, the first thing to consider is the kind of work one intends to use it on. Factors like the durability on the particular setting are there any corrosive substances, stability of the ground level and whether the ladder will be suspended from above or inclined from the ground below.

  • Weight

The ladder has to be of reasonable weight which is highly dependent on the material used. For example, if the ladder is too heavy, moving it from one point to another will be tedious and exhaustive and time consuming to the user.

  • Availability of material

The material making the ladder has to be locally available to save on the cost. However when it comes to ladders, safety is to be of high consideration since compromise can lead to physic injury.

  • Maximum weight to carry

Different materials are harder to break than other. The weight of the users comes in to play since the better the material, the higher the cost of making the ladder.

  • Height intended to reach

One ladder can be a set of up to 5 or more ladders sliding on each other. Hinges can be applied to make one tall latter to access farthest heights. The choice of material for making these types of ladders is critical since this will determine how safe the ladder will be.


There are various materials used to make ladders. These include;

  • Steel

Known to be a strong metal and resilient, it is mostly used to make heavy duty ladders. The more the mass in its structure, the higher its weight load capacity.

  • Fiber glass

Fiberglass ladders are considered to be the most economic, efficient ladders for light duties. Resistant to rust and corrosion, its durability is remarkable. Given that it is a non-electric conductor, it makes it suitable for most kinds of duties.

  • Wood

Wood is a non-heat and non-electricity conductor. This material is also cheap and readily available hence easier to acquire. However, being not resistant to corrosion and moisture, its durability is not guaranteed. It is also known to be bulky.

  • Aluminum

Unlike all the other materials, aluminum is very light. When used as an alloy with other harder metals, it can manage to hold surprisingly heavy weights owing to its complex bond structure it forms and resistance to wear. It is also known to react to very few substances which are hard to come by in a normal environment setting, making it the most preferred material for most duties.