How To Install Apps on a Jailbroken iPhone

Jailbreaking in iPhones refers to the process of hacking the device to help ensure that you have an unapproved app which is not available in the App Store. By jailbreaking, you can easily unlock an iPhone, the right service providers which can be designed to help provide the right help when it comes to downloading certain apps. There are many gateway services providers who can help you access the unapproved apps where you do not need to jailbreak. A jailbroken iPhone allows you to access a number of useful applications allowing you to customize the most used setting from the home screen, which will enable you to block calls and texts.

First, make sure that your iphone 7 plus carrier unlock is done and install Cydia which can help you automatically jailbreak into the device. The process of jailbreaking is not hard but can allow you to enjoy a few tips and tricks on how to get most out of Cydia.

Find Cydia

When you Jailbreak your device, the process will automatically make sure that you have an alternative store Cydia which can easily be accessed by clicking on the icon.

Updating the database

When Cydia opens, it automatically updates to make sure that you have access to the latest release and checks which can allow you to update and look at what is best for your device. It also makes sure that you are downloading the apps which are already updated.

Navigate Around Cydia

Try to make sure that you are clicking on the sections tab at the bottom of Cydia display which is of categories of apps that can be found on the store. These categories are similar to the app store, where you can find the apps depending on the niche.

Installing an app

After you have found the app, click on the icon, and you will present with the install button. Press install wait for the download to happen.

Confirm the install

Now that you have the confirmed apps all in a queue, it is important that you confirm the installation. This is true for larger files and downloads.

Wait for installing

Now that you have downloaded the app that you like you will be presented with the lack screen with the text informing you of the installation process which can allow you to return to Cydia once the process is complete.


The process is just like the App Store, where you will have to update regularly to make sure that you have the latest version. The number of apps that you have updated comes marked.

Featured Apps

Featured apps are highlighted on the home screen are usually high and of good quality. These featured apps can be seen every few days to help you find the right apps always.


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