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How to choose the best industrial hand soap

If you are thinking about how to choose the best industrial hand soap then this is the right place for you. Usually, the hand soaps which are used for household and commercial uses are not really enough for cleaning hands thoroughly at the industrial areas such as factories, garages, workshops, laboratories, etc. The people working at these places needs to have heavy duty hand soap which would be able to remove grime or sticky substances quickly, easily and without harming the person’s skin. For helping you to identify industrial soaps and their basic types which are available in the markets, we have compiled few of the most essential concepts here:

What does industrial soap clean?

Industrial Hand Cleaner or soap is specialized for a specific family of substances. Below is the list for which the industrial soaps are used:  Oil, grease Soil, carbon  Paint, ink  Resins, tar  Glues, other adhesives

How does the industrial soap clean?

Commonly, the industrial soaps for the laborers and mechanics have the following components:  Scrubbing particles such as plastic beads, crushed walnut shells or pumice which brush the skin in order to help in removing the dirt. You need to know that there are some types of scrubbers which are not bio-degradable or they might eventually block water pipes.  Degreaser which aids for breaking down the viscosity. This element is sometimes abrading and solvent, therefore, harsh on the skin. You would also find soaps which include non-abrading or solvent free ingredients such as citrus fruits.  As the scrubbing agent or degreaser tends to eliminate the skin’s natural oil, the hand soap often contains conditioner, lotion or extracts which sooths and moisturize such as vitamin E or aloe vera.  Fragrances are also included for better aroma

How is the industrial soap dispensed?

Like any other hygiene products, the hand soaps are available in both as a two in one solution or as a refill only. The first is usually a soap bottle which includes a plastic dispensing system, whereas, the second one is usually just the bottle or pouch for placing onto a long lasting dispenser. It is also very essential to see how the workers would be interacting with the dispenser. Like for example, a forearm or elbow operated dispenser having lever would be avoiding cross contamination between the colleagues having dirty hands and would also demand lesser work of cleaning staffs.

How to apply industrial soap?

Different procedures needs to be followed for applying industrial soaps, which depend upon the form of the soap; bar, powder, flake or crme styled. The crme style doesn’t require water in order to lather, whereas, the other three does require water. Whatever the form of the soap is, you are just required to rub your hands thoroughly and then rinse it with water.

When should you avoid using the industrial soap?

Constant usage of water, cleaning materials or chemicals might lead to allergy or cause occupational dermatitis. Therefore, before you use potentially harmful substances, you need to analyze if the material would be safe for you as there might be an alternative for you. You need to check the product labeling too.